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Lunch Theatre

I know this is short notice, but if you’re in the Twin Cities there’s an opportunity to see a one-act play of mine this Saturday at noon.

I wrote the script ten years ago because a women’s group had asked Theatre Unbound to provide entertainment at a lunch they were giving. They wanted something 20 minutes long, uplifting, and funny. TU wanted something with minimal production requirements. So it’s a two-person show, the set is a stepladder (I decided to take “uplifting” literally), and the props are a bucket of cleaning supplies of the sort that an artistic or executive director of a small theatre company might happen to have around the house. Mildly fun fact, I first drafted the script while stranded in the Cincinnati airport on a trip for my day job.

In 2007, “Back Up” was performed by then-TU company members Stacey Poirier and Delta Rae Giordano, two actors whose work I love. Saturday, it will be performed by current TU company members Charla Marie Bailey and Julie K. Phillips, two actors whose work I also love. Lucky playwright!

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