Everything Looks Like A Face: Wrote the narrative bits to link the songs together for Rough Cuts and sent them to the team. Erika: Watched another video on optimization.


Erika: Watched a video. Largely motivated by not wanting to write “nothin'” for today. Mother Antonia: Took notes on Carroll et al. Research really does feel like patchwork some days. We (I) collect existing stuff and try to make patterns out of it.

running to stay in place

Erika: Did some problems. After almost two weeks away, I un-master old skills just as fast as I master new ones; so even after a chunk of time working on problems, I am no closer to the next badge. Harumph. Everything Looks Like A Face: Worked with Elizabeth to refine/clarify the draft and sent it...

pattern recognition

Everything Looks Like A Face: Very productive meeting with Elizabeth. We start to see the larger patterns of give-and-take among the characters, and to sort out where there may be missing tiles in the “mosaic”. Erika: Did some problems. 11 skills away from the coveted Sally Ride badge.

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