to-do list

The Last Game: Talked with Heather H. about her observations of/suggestions for the script. Among other thoughts, she raises the idea of a second act set some decades into the future. This doesn’t click for me; though it’s difficult to pick apart how much it fails to click on its own merits, and how much...

reading M. Antonia

Mother Antonia: Script reading for the St. Kate’s alumnae relations department. A tough crowd – hard to read – but they said afterward that they were absorbed by the piece, and they had cogent things to say about it. It’s both intimidating and satisfying to present material to subject matter experts. One of the alumnae...

not nothin’

The Last Game: Trying to sketch out Dori’s side of the story – her Hamlet to 23 & 24’s Rosencrantz & Guildenstern. Reading up a little on deregulation in the early 80s. Everything Looks Like A Face: Email exchange with Elizabeth. Mother Antonia: Reading scheduled for Friday.

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