For Worse: With Laura, Charla Marie, Delta and Stacey, rehearsed the cabaret material for the Theatre Unbound Season Announcement party on the 28th. Hanging out in the basement with my friends, singing songs, reciting poetry, giving rabble-rousing political speeches. As one does.

new friends and old

#1MPF: The organizers sent out information about the groups (they call them “clumps”) of scripts in which my 2 will be included. One clump will be directed by Shannon Cron, whom I’ve met and whose show I’ll be going to see this week; the other by Shannon Twohy, whom I don’t yet know. I know...

worse and last

For Worse: Met with Miriam and Sadie to discuss ideas for the set. Sadie has good leads on office chairs we can get for free, which she can turn into a row of airline seats, because she’s awesome. Miriam suggests having a whiteboard for Michelle to write on, making two monologues I’ve written this summer...

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