Mother Antonia: 6 hours at the Sisters of St. Joseph Archive. A little while ago, the archivist got in touch to ask if the play would include anything about Mother Antonia’s relationship with Sister Ste. Helene? Because they just happen to be working on processing Ste. Helene’s papers….So spent most of the day reading Ste. Helene’s letters home from a 1924-25 trip to England, Ireland, Europe, Egypt and Palestine. She wrote vividly and with a humor by turns whimsical and cutting. One of my favorite bits is her description of visiting a lace shop in Dublin where she resolutely bought nothing; only to go down the street to Walpole’s linen store which “broke me entirely.” Not sure if she meant that it broke her will, her budget or both.

The archivist had also culled out some oral histories of Sisters and students who knew M. Antonia. One lady, quite elderly when interviewed, was hazy in her memory of many topics but quite specific and clear when it came to pranks she and her friends had pulled. Along similar lines, one administrator fondly remembered when Dr. Francis Schaeffer came to speak about the Kensington (Minnesota) Runestone and a student wag altered the poster for the talk by adding a “P” in front of the word “Runestone.”

Infrastructure: Got a rejection.

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