on not finding what you don’t know you’re looking for

Mother Antonia: Sent off draft 2. Sometimes when I’m doing a project that’s heavy on research there will be some little factoid that I painstakingly puzzle out, only to find that it was presented explicitly in some other source I had already read. Today I had that experience with my “discovery” that S. Ste. Helene Guthrie’s birth name was Florence. This is plainly stated in one of the first sources I read for this project, Karen M. Kennelly’s “An Immigrant Drama: The College of St. Catherine and Phi Beta Kappa.”

Everything Looks Like A Face: Email exchange with Elizabeth about the “overture/dumb show” section. In the discussion of one of the characters, I’m reminded of something I once heard about Meriwether Lewis, that he functioned better in relentlessly high-stress situations, but when he was back in the urban workaday world, he couldn’t keep the demons at bay. Hm. You never know what’s going to turn out to be (even briefly) relevant.

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