good hustle

Mother Antonia: read Mary Ellen Chase’s A Goodly Fellowship, a memoir of her (Chase’s) teaching career. Her chapter on St. Catherine’s includes a widely-quoted paragraph about Mother Antonia (“[She] went at the realization of St. Catherine’s College with everything she had in her, and she had literally everything….She prayed while she hustled, and she hustled while she prayed”). This book falls into line with a lot of my other reading for this project and makes me laugh out loud, at for instance this passage about Chase’s father:

A poor sleeper, he read half the night and was usually declaiming something or other when he descended the stairs for his breakfast. We used to gauge his temper by the nature of his recitation. Greek hexameters invariably denoted a calm and cooperative mind whereas Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, for no discernible reason, suggested that we make our presence as unobtrusive as possible.

Everything Looks Like A Face: Learned that the Rough Cuts where selections from this show will be performed will take place on March 14-15, a week earlier than the earliest date we thought possible. Met with Elizabeth to sketch out what we can have ready.

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