the problem of other minds

The Last Game: Talked with Heather H. about the latest draft. At her request, I added some dialog at the very beginning between 23 and 24, giving a swatch of their relationship up to this catastrophic day. Writing it felt very much against the grain, though I can see now that it’s useful. The conversation with Heather reminded me that the things that I feel are obvious and can go without saying are not automatically obvious to others, and are sometimes interesting for others to hear.

Murderess: Trimmed down the Jane Toppan monologue for Laura Wiebers to perform at Theatre Unbound’s Season Announcement Party on the 28th. Haven’t visited that material for many years; found lots of little bits to prune away. Normally, when cutting, I try not to cut stuff from within a section because I don’t want the actor to have to re-memorize picky little changes. But it’s been long enough since Laura performed this piece that I hope the interstitial revisions won’t throw her for a loop.

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