eDIGS screen shot

The Bridges of Hennepin County

Much of the work I do for ADV Document Systems is for private companies and therefore not something I can share, but here’s an exception: Electronic Document Information GUI Search (eDIGS), a website that gives access to maps, permits and other public records at the Minnesota Department of Transportation. It is the successor to a site that was in place for many, many years, but which was not easily viewable on tablets or phones, and also a bit hard to support because it required users to have Java installed.

Sometimes when I tell people that I write both a) plays and b) code, they say that it must be tough to switch gears between the two. Yes and no. I’ve definitely learned lessons in one mode that apply to the other. Coding projects taught me to expect there will be parts of any job that are just plain dull uninspiring work, and that this is not (necessarily) a sign that the project itself is dull and uninspiring. If I’m lucky, the process of trudging through the chore-ish parts may even give me ideas I can use for the fun imaginative problem-solving stuff.

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