comma mater

Everything Looks Like A Face: Sketched out an overture/montage/dumb show to establish the out-of-chronological-order storytelling style of the mosaic version.

Mother Antonia: Did some reading in S. Helen Angela Hurley’s On Good Ground: The Story of the Sisters of St. Joseph in St Paul to try to get back in the groove; new draft due Monday. From Hurley’s Acknowledgments:

I am indebted to many of the Sisters of St. Joseph in the province of St. Paul for critical readings. One half of the sisters going through the manuscript removed all the commas; the other half restored them, and added a few. All of them said that much of what I have written was news to them. They cannot, therefore, be held accountable for my careless inventions and discrepancies, and we may perhaps leave the commas to God. Or to the University of Minnesota, aged but still hard-working mother of the state’s comma placers.

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