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The Last Game: Talked with Heather H. about her observations of/suggestions for the script. Among other thoughts, she raises the idea of a second act set some decades into the future. This doesn’t click for me; though it’s difficult to pick apart how much it fails to click on its own merits, and how much it fails to click because long, long ago, I got very tired of one faction of my writing group persistently trying to tack a second act onto Liability. In any case, Heather spots many places where payoffs can be added or enhanced, and the path ahead seems clear.

Mother Antonia: Finished a new draft just in time for reading #2, with an audience including not only the Alumnae Relations & Marketing/Communications staff but also a Sister of St. Joseph and Prof. Mary Ann Brenden, who has made a study of Mother Antonia and the Our Lady of Victory chapel she caused to be built. Stacey takes actor Megan Campbell Lagas, director Anya Kremenetsky and me to go look at the ballroom where the play will be performed. Anya has the idea of including a chalkboard with, written on it, the name of the putative class in which M. Antonia is administering her pop quiz, along with M. Antonia’s name, to set the scene.

reading M. Antonia

Mother Antonia: Script reading for the St. Kate’s alumnae relations department. A tough crowd – hard to read – but they said afterward that they were absorbed by the piece, and they had cogent things to say about it. It’s both intimidating and satisfying to present material to subject matter experts. One of the alumnae has clearly studied St. Kate’s history in depth, to the point of being able to list its first accrediting body off the cuff. She mentioned only one factual gaffe on my part, so that feels like a win.

This will probably be the only time in my career I am able to set up “Cite your sources!” as a laugh line.

Megan Campbell Lagas is performing. She gives M. Antonia a nice dry wit and understated relish of her (many) victories.