Mother Antonia in her element

A couple of photos of this year’s performance of “The Fundamentals, with Mother Antonia” at the St. Catherine University Reunion. I think you can see that the actor, Megan Campbell Lagas, is enjoying herself. The enjoyment was catching! When she described the Katies’ 1920 basketball victory against the Gophers, the audience cheered.

Last year’s performance inspired someone to share the story of that game. I wonder what stories will surface this year….



Lunch Theatre

I know this is short notice, but if you’re in the Twin Cities there’s an opportunity to see a one-act play of mine this Saturday at noon.

I wrote the script ten years ago because a women’s group had asked Theatre Unbound to provide entertainment at a lunch they were giving. They wanted something 20 minutes long, uplifting, and funny. TU wanted something with minimal production requirements. So it’s a two-person show, the set is a stepladder (I decided to take “uplifting” literally), and the props are a bucket of cleaning supplies of the sort that an artistic or executive director of a small theatre company might happen to have around the house. Mildly fun fact, I first drafted the script while stranded in the Cincinnati airport on a trip for my day job.

In 2007, “Back Up” was performed by then-TU company members Stacey Poirier and Delta Rae Giordano, two actors whose work I love. Saturday, it will be performed by current TU company members Charla Marie Bailey and Julie K. Phillips, two actors whose work I also love. Lucky playwright!

the test

Mother Antonia: Performance at the St. Kate’s Reunion. A full house. After Mother Antonia enters, her first line is, “I trust you have all come prepared for the test,” and when this drew a (somewhat uneasy) laugh I knew we were going to be fine. Almost all the jokes I tried to plant got laughs, including small ones like a tart remark about teaching new students to follow instructions. When M. Antonia turned the chalkboard over to display the bullet points from her talk, one alumna took a picture of them on her phone. Several women approached me and Megan (the performer) afterwards with stories they had heard about Mother Antonia and her protégées. The satisfaction of a piece doing the work it was meant to do.