effulgence, flink, whelming

Mother Antonia: Phone call with Anya to hear her thoughts & questions. A foray into the CSJ’s digital archive to try to get a better handle on the limits on where and when the Sisters could leave the house; the Sister at the reading last night pointed out that the community tended to be pretty practical-minded when it came to getting women the education they needed. Got sidetracked into reading oral history interviews, re-reading others that strike me differently now that I have some familiarity with the (so to speak) cast of characters. One more rewrite, & then sent the rehearsal draft to the team.

It’s All Good: Emailing potential stage managers. Gathering plausible seventh-grade vocabulary words from Lord of the Flies (some of my favorites are today’s post title). Brainstorming potential titles.


The Last Game: Put a few last touches on the new draft and sent it to Heather H.

It’s All Good: Bought a used casebook copy of Lord of the Flies. Have learned that Golding was a schoolmaster (!!! – like Stacey’s character, Michelle) and that one of his sources was The Bacchae (!!!!). In The Bacchae, the people deranged by their own capacity to destroy are women, rather than Golding’s young boys; surely we can do something by framing up a story about a woman confronting those destructive forces while/through teaching Golding’s book.

Infrastructure: Uploaded a script to the New Play Exchange in order to submit it for an opportunity.

my specs, Ralph

It’s All Good: Met with Stacey to talk about Lord of the Flies, which her character will be teaching to a group of 7th graders. She sympathized with Simon, when she was reading the book in 7th grade. (I sympathized with Piggy, natch.)

I need to figure out a title for the Fringe show as a whole. “It’s All Good” is the title of the first monologue only.