An animated time capsule

My husband recently unearthed and transcribed some flip-book animations I made a long time ago. I had forgotten all about them. Seeing them again makes me marvel that I ever had time to do something so exacting just for fun. But as it happens, I’ve been working on some visual art tasks recently, including building props for Theatre Unbound’s A Gertrude Stein Christmas. I’ve been doing stuff like making swatches of herringbone stitch, and gluing styrofoam packing squiggles onto papier-mache sheep….So maybe things haven’t changed that much in the time it took to forget I made these.

One thought on “An animated time capsule”

  1. Que viva low tech fun like flip films!! I did some of a horse galloping and yes, I agree with Anne: when I had time to do cool little things like this I was a happier person!

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